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Release G2-10 Shipping Now

Slingshot announces its latest major release, G2-10.  Release G2-10 began shipping on Monday January 15th.  The release includes dozens of new features.  Here are a few highlights:

Scanning Features Added to eStock

A major release of Slingshot’s wireless scanning software has been completed.  Slingshot RFtm allows warehouse tasks to be completed on a wireless scanning device utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operation system.  The warehouse user is presented a list of tasks and completes each task by scanning one or more bar code labels.
The wireless user interface has been completely revamped.  The main “Task Menu” has a button for each task.

Slingshot RF Menu

Slingshot Adds Support for Pre-Approved Travel Requests

Support for pre-approved Travel Requests has been added to Slingshot’s Travel Expense Management facility.  The Travel Request document includes the purpose of the trip, the approximate dates and a list of anticipated expenses.  The Travel Request is automatically routed to one or more approvers (assigned automatically).  The requestor receives eMail notification when the request is approved or, if approval is denied.  Requestors can view their Travel Requests by status in Slingshot’s Employee Portal (available 24x7).

The approved Travel Request document can be used for subsequent approval of one or more expense reports.  The user selects from a list of their open travel requests when entering an expense report.  The expense report is instantly approved provided its actual value is less than the balance on the Travel Request.  If the Expense Report exceeds this balance, it is automatically routed for approval.

Slingshot Expands Features for Pharmaceutical Companies

Slingshot’s procurement, inventory management and manufacturing software includes lot control, lot genealogy, black listing and other functions required by GxP compliant manufacturers and laboratories. 

The features listed below are available in G2-9.2 (released 6/26/17).  For more information contact Slingshot at

Slingshot Announces “Take a Shot” Software Trial Program

The “Take a Shot” program allows prospective customers to confirm Slingshot’s software satisfies all essential requirements before signing a software subscription agreement.  Set-up data, enter transactions and confirm results in a secure, private environment.

The cost of the program is a one-time $275 fee.  The fee includes 24x7 access to all Slingshot procurement applications, basic training, user’s documentation and a dedicated support representative “on call”. 

For more information, or to sign up for the program contact Slingshot sales representative at

Slingshot Advances RFx Processing

A number of significant RFx processing enhancements have been added to Slingshot’s Strategic Sourcing application.  Slingshot automates the process of creating, distributing, scoring and awarding RFx initiatives (e.g. Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation or Request for Information).  An RFx initiative can include a survey, a set of items to price and a set of required business terms.  Suppliers are invited to participate by Email.  A link in the Email takes the supplier to a series of forms on which the response is completed.  Each response is automatically “scored” based on both price and survey responses.  Responses are awarded by pulling them into a Contract or a Purchase Order. 

The following features have been added to the above capabilities:

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