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Woodland Park Zoo selects Slingshot’s procurement suite

If he doesn’t get his bananas on time we have to answer to Leo.



Slingshot Innovates – “Self-Filling” Requisitions

Many procurement environments do not have formal buying organizations.  Often the requisitioner is the buyer and is responsible for identifying the needed material or service and the best supplier.  Slingshot now allows your security administrator to authorize requisitioners to create “self-filling” requisitions.

The user constructs the requisition in normal manner using Slingshot’s powerful and easy to use search functions, internal catalogue, shopping lists and “punch out” facilities.  A supplier can be specified for the entire request or separately for each item requested.  The unit price is entered for each item on the Checkout Form.  When checkout is completed the request is routed for approval.  Once approved, the system automatically creates one or more purchase orders as needed and fills all request lines.  No buyer needed.

Slingshot Innovates – Field Level Auditing

Slingshot now allows customers to tag any field on any record as “audited”.  Once tagged, the applications automatically record the activity responsible for the change, before and after image of the field, the user who changed it and the date and time of the change.  This facility is especially valuable for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other regulated industries that require a complete and permanent audit trail covering all data changes.  The audit trail can be viewed by user, date, transaction, record or field.  Simple to use forms allow you to browse the information using any combination of these items.  For example, who changed the standard cost field on the product record yesterday?  When did a certain supplier’s phone number change, who changed it, and what did it used to be?  The possibilities virtually endless. 

Slingshot Announces New Pharmaceutical Customers

Intra-Cellular Therapies is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and clinical development of innovative, small molecule drugs that address underserved medical needs in neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders by targeting intracellular signaling mechanisms within the central nervous system.  ITC is using Slingshot’s inventory to track balances and lot genealogy information received from contract manufacturers.

Slingshot Innovates with “Shopping Cart Copy”

Slingshot’s competitors require you to manually copy the lines from your web shopping cart into a requisition or purchase order.  Slingshot automates this process.  Shop on your supplier’s web site in the normal manner.  When you are ready to check out, click a button and the contents of your shopping cart are instantly copied into a Slingshot Requisition or Purchase Order.   Slingshot automatically adds the items selected to its product master table and maintains a relationship between your stock number and the supplier’s.  This avoids the creation of duplicate products when the same item is purchased at a later date.

“Shopping Cart Copy” saves time and improves accuracy.  Contact your Slingshot sales representative at for a list of currently supported web sites.  Additional sites will be supported for a nominal annual fee.

Advanced Budget Tracking Added to Slingshot’s Procurement Suite

Slingshot requisitioners, buyers and approvers can now view available funds for each request or purchase order line.  This ensures that budget controls are respected at each point in the procurement process.  The improved visibility encourages users to moderate spend in early periods which helps promote a favorable variance at year end.

A red Over Budget label appears when a purchase would overspend the year to date budget.  


Click the label and the user is shown “Current month”, “Year-To-Date” and “Entire Year” totals as shown below.  Click on the totals to see the underlying budgets, purchase orders, requisitions or expenditures.  


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