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Slingshot Adds Mobile Approvals to its Suite of Smartphone Apps

Approve documents “on the go” with Slingshot’s Mobile Approvals application.  This tool will reduce your approval backlog by making approval tasks visible and reducing the effort to review and take action.
An icon on your phone shows you that approval tasks are outstanding.  Simply click the icon to view your open approvals.  Swipe horizontally through documents or vertically through document lines.  Grant or deny approval with one click.  You can review documents and take action without an Internet connection.  Actions are uploaded automatically when a connection becomes available.
Mobile approvals provide convenient access to all approval requests including those for requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices.  Multiple types of invoice approvals are supported including “invoice value”, “payment authorization for goods and services received”, and “acceptance of billing discrepancy”.

Slingshot Announces “Touch” for Tablets

Slingshot’s mobile initiative continues with a new “touch friendly” user interface for its family of ERP applications.  Slingshot Touchtm is turned on by clicking a button on the application status bar.  Form elements are immediately optimized for tablet users.  Here are a few of the adjustments. 

  • Menu items and Drop down lists are taller
  • Toolbar icons are replaced with large buttons
  • Vertical swipe to conveniently scroll large lists
  • Auto-enlarge font when keyboard pops up

All Slingshot features are supported when using touch mode and work in a similar fashion, allowing users to easily switch between desktops and tablets with no training.

Slingshot Touchtm is supported on all iOS and Android based tablets (e.g. iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire).  The feature is scheduled for general availability in July as part of release G2-4.

Slingshot Releases Support for “2D” Bar Codes

Slingshot’s Radio Frequency application now supports “2D Bar Code” labels.  These labels provide multiple pieces of information on one scan.  To illustrate, assume you have products that are lot- controlled and have expiration dates.  When picking these items each piece of information (Product, Location, Lot #, Quantity, and Unit) must be scanned.  With the “1D” label approach, 5 scans are required.  With “2D” labels all of the information can be captured with a single scan.  Slingshot instantly parses the information and populates all of the fields on the scanner.
“2D” capability is part of the latest release of Slingshot’s Wireless RF Module.  “2D” label support is provided for “system directed” tasks such as receiving, picking, putting away stock, counting and confirming shipment.  Support is also provided for adhoc “user directed” tasks such as moving material or performing various inquiries.

Slingshot Adds “Supplier Portal” Capabilities to eBuy

The supplier portal allows your company’s authorized suppliers to access your web site and provide product, pricing, shipment status and other information.   The portal enhances collaboration providing many benefits.  The accuracy of information on which procurement decisions depend is improved.  Shipping schedules are more accurate, reducing product shortages.  Purchasing efficiencies are gained; reducing labor costs and allowing purchasing personnel to focus on high value tasks.  Here are some of the tasks suppliers can perform in the portal.

Maintain the product catalogue – Suppliers can add or remove products offered.   Prices can be adjusted.  Current prices can be copied into future prices and amended – providing a history of all price changes.

Slingshot Announces Strategic Sourcing Initiative

Slingshot announced the development of a new “eSource” module for strategic sourcing.  eSource automates the process of identifying, importing, qualifying and evaluating potential suppliers.  Suppliers can be pasted into the application from a spreadsheet or imported from a web source or marketplace.  Multiple qualification criteria can be defined such as Sales Volume, Profit and Debt ratios, Duns rating, insurance coverage, bank and trade references.  The qualification requirements can be specific to a company organizational unit (e.g. entity or division) or a supplier class.  Qualification status is computed automatically.  Processes (e.g. RFx distribution, purchase order entry) can be restricted by qualification status. 

Slingshot’s Customer Portal Gets a New User Interface

Slingshot’s customer portal now utilizes Slingshot’s recently released application architecture - G2.  The look is dramatically different.  The left menu has been eliminated providing a wider format and horizontal menu bars.  Functions can be accessed more quickly.

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