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Slingshot Releases New Planner Desktop

Slingshot Releases New Planner Desktop Slingshot has released a redesigned planner desktop. The new design provides large, more easily interpreted graphics and user controls consistent with Slingshots G2-3 user interface. Check out a few of the new forms

View a 52 week plan “thumbnail” across many skus


Drill into a single SKU (e.g. Product ST-8555 in BOST


View Orders and Exceptions then Take Action

Slingshot is "Going Mobile" with Expense Capture

Slingshot has released a new smart phone application called “Mobile Expense Capture”.  The application is available, at no additional charge, to Slingshot customers who have licensed the Slingshot Payables application.

Slingshot Announces "Next Gen" User Interface

Slingshot has completed its next generation user interface.   It offers improved performance, functionality, and aesthetics. 

FrontierMEDEX Implements Slingshot Requisitioning & Inventory Management on Azure

DEDHAM, MA, May 14, 2012 - When our client, FrontierMEDEX, a company that provides medical safety and security solutions for their clients in every corner of the world, told us that their implementation would be a simple one, we embraced their vision of simplifying inventory management for their remote medical personnel around the world.  Of course, in the world of software, ‘simple’ often becomes complex, but in a joint effort driven by this vision, we have been able to achieve this goal.  
Our development produced a system suitable for use by medical professionals, without training or support, in remote, and often harsh and/or unstable settings.  Medical staff who might be working on ships, in the desert, or in the rainforest will record depletion of inventory, replenish their supplies, transfer products, and record receipts while delivering world class healthcare under challenging conditions.

Slingshot Time & Billing Scheduled for G2

DEDHAM, MA, August 15, 2011 - Slingshot has announced its ninth application module “Projects” slated for delivery in early 2012 as part of release G2.  The “Projects” application is targeted at software companies and other professional services firms.  It provides a flexible “work break-drown structure” allowing activities to be budgeted by phase, task and subtask.  Timesheets can be entered in any web browser and allow hours to be assigned to external projects, internal projects and overhead categories.  Labor costs can be accrued automatically for capitalization of “in process development”, or to measure the profitability of customer projects.  An automated interface feeds hours to the Billing application and produces client invoices.  Invoiced amounts can be recognized immediately or deferred, and recognized over time (ratably) or on a percent of completion basis.

Planned Parenthood Live On Slingshot Procurement


DEDHAM, MA, August 10, 2011 - Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest is now live on release 12.5 addressing procurement and inventory management requirements throughout their 30 Health Center organization.  Benefits include system recommended replenishment, system controls on dated lot controlled medications and consistent requisitioning and procurement processes throughout the organization.


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