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Slingshot News

November 5, 2021

Slingshot has added “user defined” checklists to its application suite.  Checklist completion can be required when posting a receipt or shipment and opening or completing a work order.  In fact, any process can be associated with a checklist.  Checklists provided documented evidence of compliance with standard operating procedures.

A checklist is a set of assertions.  Each is a response to a question.  Valid responses can be Yes, No, NA, or a selection from a multiple-choice list.  After entering all responses, the user provides their credentials to sign the list.  A list can require dual signatures.  If this is the case, the first user’s...

June 16, 2021

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures the user signing in has not stolen credentials from another user.  When MFA is enabled, the user must request a six-digit code as part of the log-in process.  A user preference determines whether the code is received by Email or in a text message.  The code is then entered and validated before the user is granted access to the Slingshot platform.  If the code is lost (e.g., caught in a spam filter), the user can request another.  After several consecutive codes are issued, without a successful sign in, the user’s account is locked and the security administrator is notified.

Improvements were also made to Slingshot’...

December 23, 2020

Slingshot’s “Document Queues” module automates the handling of documents received from multiple sources (e.g., Image, EDI, IDOC, XML or Direct Entry).  Routing rules enforce compliance with company policies and streamline processing steps.  Document throughput is accelerated, data-capture accuracy improved, and processing costs reduced. “Document Queues” is especially appropriate for companies receiving large numbers of document with complex processing streams.

The “Document Queues” module allows documents to be automatically routed through multiple vali-dation, approval, and processing steps.  Routing rules can be set up by Entity and Document Type.  Rules can...

June 30, 2020

Sentry BioPharma provides temperature controlled GMP storage, order fulfillment, supply chain management, labeling and other services to pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Sentry operates are out of two facilities in the United States and one in Denmark providing secure storage with strict environmental controls and auditability.   Sentry has licensed Slingshot Requisition Management, Purchase Order Management, Pharmaceutical Inventory and Connect integration software.

Astellas Pharma Inc. is a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company.  Aestellas mission is to Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative...

January 9, 2020

Slingshot has extended its pharmaceutical software offering to include software and services allowing pharmaceutical manufacturers and laboratories to meet the ongoing needs for software validation.  The GxP Validation Package includes documentation, test scripts and an environment for efficiently completing required GxP validation processes.

Operational Qualification Scripts
Each menu item for each user role in the eStock-Pharma application is associated with one or more test scripts.  Each script has set up documentation and detailed test steps.  In total, over 100 test scripts provide click by click proof that all application functions comply with...

August 8, 2019

Slingshot’s inventory management module now records and distributes drug pedigree information in compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Acts (DSCSA).  A Transaction statement with the seven required DSCSA assertions and Transaction history Information documenting changes in ownership is captured for each lot received.  The review and acceptance of pedigree information is required before finalizing a receipt. 
For outbound shipments, a Transaction Statement is “e-signed” as part of the shipment confirmation process.  This statement and associated transaction histories are forwarded with the shipping documentation (electronic and/or paper). 

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