Slingshot News

Slingshot News

September 26, 2015

Slingshot has announced support for “horizontal scalability” and failover support.  These changes will be part of release G2-7 scheduled for completion in November.  The new infrastructure provides an enterprise scale for all Slingshot applications.

The enhanced infrastructure allows a limitless number of parallel servers managed in a server farm.  Web client sessions are assigned to a server at sign-on.  Load balancing logic ensures the sessions are distributed across servers in an efficient manner.  If a server fails its sessions are automatically distributed to other servers.  Background tasks can also be distributed over any number of “background...

August 27, 2015

Slingshot announces the ability to create search formulas for filtering on all search forms.  Search formulas allow the user to select a set of records by specifying filtering criteria at the top of the form.  Formerly, these fields allowed one operator (“<”, ”>” or “<>”) for dates and amounts.  This capability has been expanded to allow the user to specify a formula.  The formula can use operators plus a range or list of values.  Precedence can be controlled with parenthesis.

This capability is easy to use and provides the ability to get an instant answer to virtually any question relevant to the form.  Let’s say you want a list of both...

July 16, 2015

Slingshot has long supported corporate credit cards as a payment method.  Corporate credit cards reduce transactional costs by taking the purchasing department out of the loop.  Payments are consolidated by bank or payment processor (typically one check per month), a further savings.  The use of PCards comes with tradeoffs.  Less review prior to purchase introduces some risk.      Reconciliation and review processes post-purchase can consume some of the cost savings and create a bottleneck when the statement due date approaches.  Slingshot has introduced a series of capabilities to address these issues and ensure your company gets the full benefit...

June 19, 2015

Release G2-6.0 is now available.  This release includes 72 enhancements.  Here are a few of the highlights:

May 15, 2015

Slingshot announces a new “self service” requisition entry process for its eRequest product.  Its familiar interface allows users to quickly and conveniently request material or services with no training.  

The new pages were modeled after shopping experiences found on popular consumer web sites including  According to Slingshot’s CEO Paul Carr -  “Most requisitioning software is embedded in an ERP system and adopts its user interface. Requisitioners are often infrequent users of the company’s ERP software and therefore require training to enter a requisition.  By modeling our system after popular consumer sites we give the requisitioner...

April 3, 2015

Slingshot’s order management applications (Purchasing, Requisitioning and CRM) now allow any document (e.g. Purchase Order, Quotation or Acknowledgement) to be “versioned”.  Once flagged as versioned, the system automatically attaches a “snapshot” document (pdf file) to the order and increments a version identifier, whenever the document is forwarded to an external recipient (e.g. supplier or customer).  The new version can carry notes describing the changes made.  Internal copies of any version can be generated without incrementing the version identifier.

This new feature provides a simple and automated approach to tracking change order documents.  These “...

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