Slingshot Announces New Pharma Win

Slingshot has been selected for manufacturing and inventory management by AB BioTechnologies of Bloomington In.  AB Bio provides contract manufacturing services for large pharmaceutical companies.  The company focuses on the manufacture of injectable pharmaceuticals for clinical trial purposes.  A key competency is lyophilizing (freeze drying).  The key to AB Bio’s success is its ability to meet demanding customer requirements in relatively short time frames.

AB Bio has been in business for several years.  Rapid expansion is planned for the next 12 months including a new 25KSF manufacturing facility.  Slingshot will be managing all materials in the new GMP facility.  AB Bio selected Slingshot for its 21 CFR Part 11 compliant capabilities including:

  • Electronic Signature for All Transactions
  • “Field Level” Audit Trails
  • Lot Control
  • Lot Attributes / Certificate of Analysis tracking
  • Lot Genealogy and Blacklisting
  • Sub-lot Processing
  • Record of Equipment Used for Each Lot (BOE)
  • Material Testing and Re-testing Controls
  • Product Versioning (electronic records management)

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