Who We Are

Slingshot's web-based enterprise business software solutions have helped hundreds of enterprises achieve new levels of growth.

Our goal is to unlock the power of the internet to integrate your ERP software operations with those of your customers and suppliers, yielding greater competitive advantage for your business.

Our integrated applications are fully customizable and optimized for multi-channel enterprise organizations. We'll partner with you to ensure your enterprise software drives your business to the next level of efficiency, growth and profitability.

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web-based ERP SoftwareWhy We're Different

When faced with complex business requirements, mid to large sized enterprises turn to Slingshot Software.

Our Web-based enterprise business software solutions are taking on the global giants in the multi-trillion dollar enterprise software marketplace. Slingshot’s flexible, Web-based applications are built to solve your complex operational and financial challenges – without the cumbersome and expensive customization you'll need from the other guys.

You have complex and unique processes and requirements that set you apart from your competitors. Our software can adapt to your unique requirements – without custom programming.

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Free Business Process Evaluation

Over the years, our software has helped many mid to large sized enterprises streamline their complex business processes. For many of these companies, we helped uncover efficiencies that weren't even on their radar.

Need a set of experienced eyes to examine your complex enterprise resource planning processes? Bring us your most ‘squirrely’ problem and we'll conduct a free business process evaluation for you. There’s no obligation, because whether or not you buy software from us, we want to give you a fresh perspective aimed at improving your business.

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